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The payroll information management has been a tough process but not for the employers who are using the Paycheckrecords online payroll management services. The payroll information can be managed online by visiting the website The employees can access their accounts at to know the details about their paystubs, working hours and similar payroll information. Whereas the employers can access their Paycheck Records account to manage their employee details, add or remove employee accounts, set paystub and working hour parameters etc.

Here in this article, we are going to provide you the information which will help you to regarding Paycheck Records support and about the online payroll information management through the website Please go through the full article to know the information regarding every aspect and exercising the options to manage you paystub information through accessing your Paycheck Records account at the website

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About Paycheck Records:

The main motive of the Paycheck Records services is to promote the paperless and convenient access to your payroll information. This is why the Paycheck Records facilitates their information online through the website The portal can be accessed by both the employees and employers.

There are different options available at the employee account and the employer account. The portal provides more options to employers than the employees. The employers can manage their employee’s paystub and account information. The employer account can provide access to even register or deregister the employee account, set working hours and paystub parameters etc. But the employees can only view their paystub information, get a copy of it for prints, set alerts regarding their paystub updates etc. Apart from this, there are significant benefits for employers and employees available at the Paycheck Records portal at

Features of Paycheck Records online paystub management at

There are many significant features and benefits you can avail when your employer chooses to manage their employee’s paystub information through the PayCheck Records services. The whole company’s paystub information can be managed online at the portal The following are the features, benefits and options you can exercise if you are managing your pay stub information online from Paycheck Records Support:

  • Access the payroll information anytime and from anywhere by visiting the website
  • The employers can access the information by logging on to their Paycheck records accounts like employee details, wages and salary data, review dates, benefits provided to the employees and their sanctions, share educational and training details, view their attendance and make announcements through the news section.
  • The employees can view their paystub information, get news about announcements, view their working hours, get to know about their benefits etc.
  • Employees can also set the alerts to know about their paystub updates and for other notifications.
  • Employees can access their accounts at to get the information related to their paystubs at any time and from anywhere.
  • Through the Paycheck Record support employers can share the news and information related to the education and training of their employees online.
  • The employees can get their paystub information through email or download directly from their accounts in a PDF format at
  • Employees can access their payroll information to facilitate employment verification, income verification, historical deposit information and other similar processes.
  • The portal provides better security for the website which is safe enough to share your payroll information and their management.
  • The employees can manage their profiles by updating their contact and personal information whenever needed and manage your Paycheck login details like password.
  • The Paycheck Records supports you in case you are applying for a personal loan and provides you your paystub instantly the minute you log in to your account at the website

The above mentioned can only be accessed by the registered users of the Paycheck Records portal at The above options can be exercised only by logging in to your particular account at the Paycheck Records platform.

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Register a Paycheck Records account at

You need to contact your employer to get your Paycheck Records account registered at If your employer is a user of the Paycheck Records services, he will create your account at the paycheck records portal. You can get your Paycheck record support only from your employer. The employees will not have any connections with the Paycheck records support services. The Paycheck Record support services can only be contacted through employers.

If your employer has registered your account at, he will provide you with a user ID and a password which will be your Paycheck login details. You can use this user ID and password and provide them at the login page to get the access to your account at the portal.

Paycheck Login:

Paycheck login is the page where you need to provide your login details to log in to your account at You need to have a registered account at the Paycheck Records portal. If you don’t have an account at, please go through the above registration section to know the information and create your account at If you are unaware of the Paycheck Login process, follow the below process to log in to your account at

  • Make sure that the device you are using is connected to the active internet connection.
  • Visit the Paycheck Records portal by entering the web address
  • The homepage itself is the Paycheck login page.
  • You can find the fields asking to provide you your Paycheck login details like user ID and password.
  • Enter the user ID and password carefully in their respective fields.
  • After providing your Paycheck login details, submit them.
  • The portal will then check for the validation of your paycheck login details.
  • If your paycheck login details are found valid, you will be directed to your particular account at

Now you are logged in, you can now access you paystub information and exercise the options available to manage your paystub details and information online at The options may vary based on the account you have logged in. If you logged in for an employer’s account, you will get more options compared to an employee account at If you face any problems logging in to your Paycheck Records account, please contact your employer or HR department or concerned person at your company.

Forgot Paycheck Login details?

There might be some unfortunate cases and times when you forget or misplace your Paycheck login details. This might be your user ID or password or both. But you can retrieve or reset them by following simple steps. Below you can find the details to retrieve your Paycheck login details and gain the access again to manage your paycheck record’s account online.

In case you forgot the user ID to log in to your account at, you can retrieve it online. You need to visit website. Near the Paycheck login section, you can find the option as “Forgot User ID”. This will direct you to a new page where you can retrieve your User ID. You will be asked to provide your email address which is linked to your Paycheck Records account. Once you have provided the Paycheck records linked email address, submit it. You will soon get an email which will have your user ID details. Now you can access your Paycheck Records account by providing this user ID as your Paycheck login details.

In case you forgot password to log in to your paycheck records, you cannot retrieve it. But you can get an option to reset it and create a new password. In such case, visit the website On the home page, below the paycheck login section, you can find the option “Forgot Password”. This will direct you to a new page where you need to provide your Paycheck Records user ID. After providing your Paycheck Records user ID, submit it. The portal will search for the user ID and its details at its database. If your user ID is valid, you will get an email. This email will contain a link which will direct you to reset your Paycheck login details and create a new password. You may also get a temporary password. You need to log in to your account at and change it instantly and create a new password. In both the cases, you will get the option to create a new password for your Paycheck Records account.

In case you forgot your Paycheck login details both user ID and password, you need to retrieve your user ID first and then reset your password. In this way, you can retrieve your paycheck login details in a simple manner.

Hope you got all the necessary information regarding the paycheck records services and options to exercise through the online payroll management portal at In case you have an issue with your Paycheck Records account or any queries related to it, please contact your employer or HR department or concerned person at your company.

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